IIM CALL GETTERS of 2019 ERUDITE BATCH:1.Sagnik Banerjee (IIM B) 2. Siddhant Agarwal (IIM A,B,C,L ,I, K) 3. Aaryan Sarupria (IIM A,B,C,L, K), 4.Harsh Shukla (IIM A,C,L ) 5. Ritik Chachan (IIM B,C,L, K) 6. Pranit Dalal (IIM A,B,C,L ,I, K) 7. Arnav Das (IIM A,B,C,L ,I, K) 8.Dibyendu roy (IIM L), 9.Arunangshu bhattacharya (IIM K), 10.Shreya Shukla (IIM K),11. Debanjan Bhakta (IIM K), 12. Anshuman Chowdhury (IIM Vizag, SIMB, IMT),13. VAIDEHI SINGHANIA (IIM L, SPjain), 14.SREEJAY BERA (SPjain), 15.KESHAB BHAKAT (IIM K, IMT), 16.Shilpi Mondal (IIM L,K), 17.Sourangshu (IIM B), 18.POULAMI BISWAS (IIM L, K), 19. Avilash Ghosh (IIM K) 20.Turnisha Sarkar (IIM B, K,I) 21.Akshat Vatsal (IIM I, SPJIMR, XLRI- BM, SIBM, IMT) 22.SOUMYABRATA CHOUDHURY (Symbiosys, IIFT, SP Jain, XLRI, MDI, IIT B),23. Vandana Shah (IIM K), 24.Aman Santhalia (IIM K, MDI,FMS, SPJain, XLRI),25. Abhijeet Wasudeo Bagade(IIM A,B,C,L ,I, K), IIM CALL GETTERS of 2018 ERUDITE BATCH: 1.Amber Banerjee(IIM A,C,L,K) 2.Nilesh Paliwal(IIM A,B,C,I,L) 3.Krunal Udeshi(IIM A,B,C,L,I) 4.Anirudh Agarwal(IIM A,B,C,L,I,K) 5.Ayush Kumar Dhanuka(IIM A,C,L,I,K) 5.Karan Garg(IIM A,C,K,I) 6.Shubham Bansal(IIM A,C,L, IDR) 7.Krushi Bandi(IIM C,I,K) 8.Abhilash Gollapalle(IIM C,L,I) 9.Harsh Raj(IIM C,L,I) 10.Chaudhuri Dhiraj Keshavaro(IIM A,C,I,K,L) 11.Srija Chakraborti(IIM/S + XLRI) 12.Venkatesh (IIM L,K) 13.Ayushi Dushyantbhai Joshi(IIM A,C,L,I,K) 14.Aditya Shubham(IIM/K) 15.Prativa Das(IIM C,L,I,K) 16.Vinay Shikhar(IIM A,C,L,K) 17.Namreta Shashank(IIM A,C,L) 18.V Sudhayu(IIM B,I) 19.Shivam Somani(IIM K,) 20.Ankit Kumar(IIM K/BMHR/ IIFT) 21.Aritro Roy(IIM K, I) 22.Sankhayan Dasgupta(IIM K/HR) 23.Aniruddha Das(IIM K,) 24.Tanumoy Ghosh(IIM/K/I) 25.Sudarshan Mall(IIM K/S) 26.Tamal Kanti Biswas(IIM-K/C/I/L) 27.VIishal Didwani(IIM K/BMHR) 28.Rohan Choudhuri(IIM S,) 29.Tuhin Roy(IIM,L,C,K) 30.Boya Srikaran Reddy(IIM K,I) 31.Anirban Bhattayacharya(IIM K /XLRI BHR/ SPJAIN) 32.Harshita Agarwal(IIM A, L, I, K ) 33.Sayan Samanta(IIM I,) 34.Aekansh Srivastava(IIM K) 35.Aditya Biswas(IIM K, IMT GAZIZBAD) 36.Tangudu Srikar(IIM K) 37.Sourav Kar(IIM K, IMTGAZIABAD/HRM-XLRI) 38.Richie Agarwal(IIM K) 39.Muskaan Jain(IIM K , RCC, IIT) 40.Shubham Maheshwari(IIM K/S) 41.Ravi Sekher(IIM/K) 42.Sayanti Halder(IIM L) 43.Suraj Kumar(IIM L,I,K) 44.Diptanil Sarkar(IIM/R AND ALL NEW IIMS) 45.Akash Hansda(IIM/K)

WelCome to Erudite

Erudite is the best CAT Coaching and MBA entrance exam training Institute in Kolkata, India. In the last 20 years, Erudite has built a brand dedicated to providing quality CAT-MBA test prep training to the students. Erudite has been known for providing the most comprehensive CAT coaching to the CAT aspirants. to help them crack MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT etc and to gain admissions into the IIMs and the Top MBA Institutes.

Erudite's Core policy is Student First i.e. interest of the students is primary. The team of CAT experts comprising alumni of IIMs and XLRI ensures that students get personalized attention to overcome weaknesses. Record of success year on year has proven the effectiveness of our Teaching Methodology. Erudite is indeed the best coaching center to join for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Erudite website consists of all vital information regarding CAT i.e. CAT overview, CAT Syllabus, CAT exam details, CAT Course structure, IIMs Placement record and information related to other B-Schools, Institutes under CAT, IIM CAT.

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    • 13 May 2021


      CAT 2021 - 17th, 19th and 21st MAY  "BOOKINGS OPEN FOR BLENDED LEARNING / CLASSROOM TRAINING.        Get an exclusive offer on the course fee till 20th MAY...

    • 13 May 2021

      CLAT and BBA Batches starting soon !

    Know The Institute

    Erudite is a name synonymous with resounding success in training for MBA entrance examinations like CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, GMAT, CMAT and also MAT as well as Recruitment Training Programme for Engineering Students....

    Our Objectives

    To impart quality education with the students' perspective in mind.To provide personalized services adapted to individual needs .To focus on improving performance by accurately identifying students' strengths and eliminating their chronic weaknesses.To provide the required educational tools and methods in training, not offered by any other conventional sources.To help students identify their career paths through proper guidance and counselling.


    • Q 1. What should be the strategy for aspirants who are yet to start preparations for CAT?

      A. The CAT requires in-depthunderstanding of topics, as CAT questions verge on inferential and innovative. Thus merely afunctional, even a regularized understanding of the topics and questions will not be enough.

      Variation is the key to preparation for the CAT. Candidates should divide the time availableinto three periods. These should be – basics and theory with practiceof standard question patterns, secondly advance level preparation and short-cuts, and finally rigorous practice with innovative question types.

      The strategy would be attend the classes andcover all concepts. The study material should be completed, after which the candidates can move on to further suggested practice materials. The lasttwo months should be spent on mastering the test taking strategies via mocks and sectionals.

    • Q. 2. Is enrolling in a coaching institute a good idea for aspirants who have not started their preparation with limited time to go?

      A. Yes. The coaching institutes have expertise on the tests and preferable methods of preparation.They train the students on not only the finer points of the test, but also matters of selection, and provide in depth training for unexpected question types. The institutes help the students formulate plans for preparation and also to implement them in the best possible way. Also through simulation and teaching tools the students are made to learn the nuances of the test taking process. Institutes such as Erudite also integrate personalized attention, one to one mentorship and involvement programmes under which the students aim at a holistic and synergistic increase to scale in terms of preparation.

    • Q. 3. For the ones who have already started preparing on their own without coaching classes, what could be a strategy be?

      A. Such students would have started with the basic levels. Then go to more advance levels. Next, mocks should be taken very seriously. Handling of different types and variations of questions is essential at this time. In order to achieve this skill, students must start practicing simultaneous engagement with the different topics and areas. The final skill level is efficiency, which is achieved through the perfect balance of speed and accuracy. If the students had been targeting accuracy, it is time to move on to the next level thatis development of speed while maintaining accuracy.

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