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Erudite has been providing unparalleled result with it's finest CAT coaching in Kolkata with update CAT Syllabus
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CAT coaching classes in Kolkata
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1,000+Hours of Videos    5,00,000+Successful Students in 23 yrs   18,000+Question Data Bank   12,000+Video Solutions    1,000+Hours of Videos    5,00,000+Successful Students in 23 yrs   18,000+Question Data Bank   12,000+Video Solutions   1,000+Hours of Videos    5,00,000+Successful Students in 23yrs   18,000+Question Data Bank   12,000+Video Solutions

WelCome to Erudite

Since 1998, Erudite has built a Brand that Provides the Most Comprehensive CAT Coaching in Kolkata to the students to help them crack entrance exams and to gain admissions into the top post graduate, undergraduate institutes and universities in India. ERUDITE A MARKET LEADER providing Quality Test Preparation to the Students for the Past 23 Years. We have Emerged as the Students’ First Choice.Based On Our Track Record Year on Year with Effective Teaching Methodology. Erudite has been offering coaching services to prepare students for undergraduate competitive exams such as CLAT, SAT, IPMAT, DU JAT, NPAT, other BBA Entrance Exams, Hotel Management Entrance Exams, and also for Post Graduate competitive exams such as CAT, SNAP, XAT, GMAT, NMAT, and other MBA Entrance Exams. Erudite has been known for providing the most Comprehensive CAT Coaching in Kolkata to the CAT aspirants to help them crack MBA Entrance Exams such as CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT etc. and to get admitted into the IIMs and the Top MBA Institutes. Erudite believes in a Student First policy. It has been the core fundamental which we and our team of experienced faculty comprising IIM and XLRI Alumni have always followed. Hence, we ensure that our students get personalized attention. They need to work on their weaknesses, which has helped students realize their dreams and achieve their desired goals.

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  • 06 Feb 2023

    New BBA Batches

    Batch Starting Dates: BBA IPM - 25th September,2023

  • 06 Feb 2023


    New batch starting dates CAT 24 – 29th September, 2023

Know The Institute


Erudite is a name synonymous with resounding success in training for MBA entrance examinations such as CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, GMAT, CMAT and also MAT as well as Recruitment Training Programme for Engineering Student...

The Objectives

  • To provide Top Quality Coaching for Exam Preparation to the Students to follow a Students’ first Approach by Providing Personalized training adapted to Individual needs.
  • To help Students identify their Career Paths through Proper guidance, training, and counseling.
  • To Provide Top-Quality Educational Tools & Coaching Services across all mediums- Online Learning, Blended Learning, Offline Learning.
  • To maintain our Position as Student’s First Choice for any Exam Preparation (CAT, SAT, CLAT, IPMAT, other BBA & MBA Entrance Exams).


  • Q. 11. How should final year graduation students vis a vis working professionals balance their daily routine with CAT preparation?

    A. The normal and effective routine is managing 2 hours of study daily during weekdays and 5-6 hours during weekends. Final year students can generally dedicate a little more than this basic study time, between college classes and curriculum. It is not advisable to take semester studies and exams lightly, but the CAT also requires regular grappling with the subject matter, if only for the bare minimum of time for those with very busy schedules.

    The focus should be the handling of different subject areas and topics in a limited time frame, as the actual test demands.

  • Q. 10. How should CAT aspirants balance their preparation with other entrance tests like XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP and CMAT?

    A. CAT preparation covers almost the entire syllabus for all of these exams. Anything which isunique to these exams can be covered in a maximum of 15 days.

    Note: The Decision Making section of XAT is an exception to this and should be practiced early on in case one wants to appear for the XAT exam.

  • Q. 9. What should be the exam day strategy in terms of time management, maintaining accuracy and fulfilling sectional cut-offs?

    A. In terms of time management, the CAT security procedures get more and more stringent by theyear. It is imperative to be on time and thus start towards exam centres with ample time in hand. As nothing but clothing is allowed inside exam centres, not even watches, footwear or cash, students may take someone along with them to take care of belongings. It is also advisable to locate centres beforehand to avoid any delays on the exam day.
    Parameters of accuracy and time management are extremely individual in nature .The best thingto do is to get adequate practice to find what works best for you and then execute similarly on the D-DAY. Seeing how last minute preparation is of little or no importance in exams like CAT, the students must reserve the days preceding the exam day and the hours preceding the exam for revision only. A modicum of faith goes a long way to ensure confidence and stress management.

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