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Erudite is the #1 MBA Coaching institute in Kolkata with Highest IIM Calls in last 25+ years
Erudite CAT Coaching in KOLKATA has the maximum CAT Toppers
Erudite CAT Coaching is known for it's best CAT Results.
CAT Largest Video Library
Erudite is the #1 MBA Coaching institute in Kolkata with Highest IIM Calls in last 25+ years
CAT Coaching classes in Kolkata features
Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata results and success stories
CAT Coaching in Kolkata
CAT Largest Video Library
Best MBA Coaching Classes with maximum Call Getters
join the with personalized mentoring with its CAT exam Training in Kolkata
Erudite CAT Coaching is known for it's best CAT Results.
Erudite Student Reach Top IIM ABC
Erudite is the only MBA Coaching Institute to provide free and live CAT demo classes
Erudite is the best MBA Coaching Institute in Kolkata with Highest IIM CALLS
MBA Coaching institute in Kolkata
CAT Coaching Classes in Kolkata : Students top choice for cat classes
best coaching institute for cat in kolkata
Only CAT Coaching Classes in Kolkata to provide live and free CAT Demo
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Batch Starting Dates

CAT 24 (Weekday) : 19th July, 2024
CAT 24 (Weekend) : 20th July, 2024
CAT 25 : 21st July, 2024

CAT Repeater's : 20th July, 2024
GMAT : 24th July, 2024
CUET/IPMAT : 26th July, 2024

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Oldest CAT Test Prep Institute in Eastern India

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CAT Coaching in Kolkata

Explore CAT 2024/25 Classroom Programs

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Welcome to Erudite - #1 CAT Coaching in Kolkata

Erudite, established in 1998, has become a leading provider of comprehensive CAT Coaching in Kolkata. With a track record of effective teaching methodology and quality test preparation for the past 24 years, Erudite has emerged as the first choice for students seeking undergraduate and postgraduate exam coaching, including CLAT, SAT, IPMAT, DU JAT, NPAT, other BBA entrance exams, hotel management entrance exams, CAT, SNAP, XAT, GMAT, NMAT, and other MBA entrance exams. The experienced faculty at Erudite, consisting of IIM and XLRI alumni, follow a "Student First" policy and provide personalized attention to help students overcome their weaknesses and achieve their desired goals.

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Notice Board

New Batches Starting From:

1. CAT 24 (Weekday) : 19th July, 2024
2. CAT 24 (Weekend) : 20th July, 2024
3. CAT 25 : 21st July, 2024
4. CAT Repeater's : 20th July, 2024
5. GMAT : 24th July, 2024
6. CUET/IPMAT : 26th July, 2024

Question of the Day

Erudite helps students with a daily practice questions to solve, which can aid in enhancing and improving their performance in the upcoming CAT 2024 exam. Regular practice boosts confidence exam challenges.

Free Portal Trial

Erudite offers aspirants the opportunity to sample the CAT exam experience through our online coaching program portal, enabling them to make an informed decision before enrolling in the course.

Join the High Success Rate of Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata: Maximum Call Getters in Last 25+ Years

Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata is the perfect destination for students who want to crack the CAT exam and secure admission in top B-schools. Our coaching institute is backed by years of experience and a proven track record of success.

We offer comprehensive CAT coaching programs that cater to the unique needs of each student. Our CAT classroom coaching programs are designed to help students prepare for the exam in the most effective way possible. We offer both classroom and online coaching, which includes live instructor-led classes, video lectures, study materials, and mock tests. Our experienced faculty members provide personalized attention to each student to ensure that they achieve their desired scores.


Our students have consistently achieved high success rates, securing interview calls from IIM A, B, and C.


Join Erudite MBA Test Prep  Institute and take the first step towards achieving your dream of a successful career in management.

Toppers Speak

  • The objective of Erudite CAT Coaching is to provide high-quality coaching and guidance to help students achieve their goals of cracking the CAT exam. 
  • Our aim is to follow a student-first approach and provide personalized training that caters to individual needs. 
  • We strive to help students identify their career paths through proper guidance, training, and counseling.
  •  Our commitment is to be the students' first choice for CAT coaching in India and other exam preparations by providing comprehensive educational tools and coaching services available online, offline, and through blended learning.
Most of the toppers are from Erudite CAT Coaching Classes in Kolkata

What Makes Us the Best CAT Coaching Institute?

Personalized Mentoring for MBA Coaching

Erudite provides individual mentorship from successful candidates of the past year. The mentors will follow-up on your progress, set goals with you, and create a personalized strategy to inspire and instruct you. Our CAT Coaching in India will help you reach your CAT 2024-25 goals.

Best CAT Study Materials in India

Erudite provides exhaustive teaching materials are designed to cater to the proficiency level of any CAT aspirant during preparations. The practice material provided in conjunction with the topical explanations helps you understand the CAT syllabus 2023-24 from first principles. Join Erudite Today for Expert Guidance in CAT Preparations.

Mentors for CAT coaching from Top B-Schools

Looking for guidance from mentors who have studied at the top B-schools in India, including IIMs A, B, C, XLRI, and SIBM? Join our CAT coaching center in Kolkata and receive mentorship from our experienced and successful alumni. Enroll in our CAT Coaching in Kolkata Today & start your MBA journey.

Offline and Online CAT Coaching Class

Learn from the best CAT faculty in India and practice through our online platform. Our blended approach includes offline classes and online mock tests for a deeper understanding and convenient learning. We are the first institute to offer hybrid CAT coaching in Kolkata after pandemic hit.




  • Live Classes with Live Weekly doubt clearing Sessions.
  • Strategy Classes & Personalized Guidance
  • 247+ Topic Based Tests
  • 1000 + Hrs of Video Class content
  • 31 Simulated Tests with Video Solutions
  • 20 Actual CAT Paper (With Video Solutions)
  • 20414+ questions with Detailed Video Solutions
  • 140 Speed Builder Tests
  • Sectional Tests covering Basic to Advance Level
  • 21505 + Question Data Bank for practice


QUANT e-book

SIMCAT Resources

Quant 2022 Paper: SLOT 1

Quant 2022 Paper: SLOT 2

Quant 2022 Paper: SLOT 3

VARC 2022 Paper: SLOT 1

VARC 2022 Paper: SLOT 2

VARC 2022 Paper: SLOT 3

LRDI 2022 Paper: SLOT 1

LRDI 2022 Paper: SLOT 2

LRDI 2022 Paper: SLOT 3

Conquering the IIM A

Student who despite failing to secure admission in IIM A, B, and C in CAT 2021 and only securing IIM Lucknow, managed to turn the tables in CAT 2023 and secured admission in all three top-tier institutes. Gain valuable insights and inspiration for succeeding in the competitive MBA admissions process.

Why Should You Join Our MBA Coaching Classes in India?

Erudite is your ultimate destination for the best CAT coaching in India. We take pride in providing our MBA aspirants with 125+ offline classes by experts who have years of experience in this field. Our MBA coaching classes not only offer top-quality study materials but also provide guidance from the best faculty in the industry.

Erudite has established a reputation for providing the best CAT Coaching Classes in India, by its impressive track record of results. In its very first batch, three students secured admissions into prestigious institutions such as IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Kozhikode. With our CAT classroom coaching or live online coaching, you can fulfill your aspiration of joining one of India's top B-schools.

At Erudite, we believe that every student is unique and deserves individual attention. We offer personalized coaching to ensure that each student receives the necessary guidance to excel in their exams. So, if you are an MBA aspirant looking to join the best coaching institute in India, look no further than Erudite.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our coaching classes and take the first step towards achieving your dream of pursuing an MBA from the top B-schools in India.

CAT Coaching Programs

Erudite is a renowned name in CAT coaching programs, offering over 25 years of experience in guiding students for various exams, including CAT. Our expertise is testified by our students, who received calls from IIM A, B, and C in 2023.

We are pioneers in both online and classroom coaching, earning a formidable reputation over the years. Our blended coaching classes, which combine classroom and online learning, ensure that our students receive the best preparation experience regardless of their preferred mode of study. Our classroom coaching programs have also contributed significantly to our success.

Erudite caters to all CAT aspirants, regardless of their level of experience, preferred learning mode, or location. We offer a wide range of CAT coaching programs to suit different learning styles and preparation stages.


Benefit from expert in-class sessions and comprehensive CAT coaching modules, with personalized analysis of mock tests to achieve your desired score in MBA entrance exams.


Live online CAT coaching classes, led by instructors, with 100+ two-hour sessions available for CAT 2024 batches. Ideal for working professionals who can study anytime anywhere


Get access to 25+ full-length mock tests that mimic the actual CAT exam pattern. Get detailed solutions and personalized feedback to improve your scores. Affordable CAT Test series for students


300+ hrs of video lectures, study guides, and 25+ full-length mock tests, perfect for self studying along with personalized feedback and doubt-solving sessions with experienced faculty.


Craft a tailored approach to WAT, GD and PI to prepare for the selection process of top B-schools post CAT 2023, enhancing overall knowledge base by engaging in targeted practice sessions & GD's.


Improve your performance in MBA entrance exam with our unique and tailored strategy detailed mock test assessments, and personalized feedback for XAT, NMAT, IIFT, SNAP, MAT, CMAT and more.

Our Other Products

Erudite : Top-rated CAT Coaching in India

Our CAT 2023 Achievers

Anand Chowdhury IIM B,C,L,I,V,Ro,K,S,CAP

The CAT syllabus played a significant role in my decision to enroll at Erudite , as their reputation among numerous students convinced me that it was the right choice. My experience at Erudite has been nothing short of exceptional, and I consider it to be a sanctuary for MBA aspirants. One of the primary reasons for this is the personalized attention and time they invest in each student. Erudite treats each aspirant as an individual first and then as a student of a batch, which sets them apart from other CAT coaching centers in Kolkata. This approach has been instrumental in helping me and numerous other students achieve success in the CAT exam.

Rahul Samanta IIM I, S, XLRI, SPJain

Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata is one of the best places to prepare for the CAT." They practically provide everything that a CAT or MBA aspirant would need to ace the CAT. Personalized mentorship, highly qualified faculty members, exhaustive e-study material, doubt clearing classes, high-quality test series, etc. "I am truly lucky to have selected Erudite as my mentor to prepare for the CAT

Aatish Prasad IIM Kozhikode

Although I could talk about a lot of aspects of Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata that helped me crack the CAT, the most important aspect, according to me, was their personal monitoring program, whereby I was assigned to a specific mentor who would guide me throughout my CAT preparation. This helped me immensely.

Abhishek Nishania IIM Rohtak

I would like to thank the entire team at Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata for helping me and guiding me throughout my CAT journey. Moreover, I would also say that the mock tests prepared by Erudite are the closest to the actual CAT. It is because of their help and guidance and the mocks that I was able to ace the CAT.

Sourav Agarwal IIM- Kozhikode

I firmly believe that being familiar with the CAT syllabus and receiving expert coaching from Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata is essential to excel in the CAT exam or any other management entrance examination. Erudite's CAT coaching not only assisted me in identifying my weak areas but also significantly enhanced my proficiency in them. Moreover, their comprehensive study material was precise and exhaustive, which contributed significantly to my success in the CAT. I am truly grateful to Erudite CAT Coaching institute for their mentoring, which enabled me to ace the CAT.

Priti Samui IIM Rohtak

Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata has played a leading role in my CAT success. "The proper and dedicated guidance provided by the mentors at Erudite helped me formulate a proper strategy to ace the CAT

Avik Sarkar IIM, Kozhikode, Rohtak

I am extremely grateful to the mentors at Erudite for keeping me and aspirants similar to me calm and helping us focus on our studies during the tumultuous times we faced last year. I would definitely suggest Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata to anyone who is serious about the CAT preparation or any other management entrance examination.

Rishav Sur IIM Rohtak

If I have to describe my experience with Erudite in one word, it will be “amazing.”. From their teaching methodology to their study material, everything is tailored with precision to help students crack the CAT exam. "A big thumbs-up to Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata

Karanjeet Singh Bagga IIM, Kozhikode, Rohtak

If you are looking for a place where you will be provided personalized attention and time, where teachers will help you throughout your journey to get into a B-school, then Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata is the perfect institute to join

    Interested in CAT & Other MBA Entrance Exam Preparation

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    Erudite Call Getters for CAT Coaching in Kolkata

    Erudite’s Call Getters for CAT Coaching in Kolkata: Shaping Success Stories with Expert Guidance and Personalized Training Excellence.


    Aryaman Bhaiya

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, + ALL CAPs

    Adrito Bhattacharya

    Calls : IIM C, L, I, K, FMS + ALL CAPs

    Trinankur Kirtania

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, K

    Kishan Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, B, L, I, K

    Kaustav Chakraborty

    Calls : SP Jain, MDI + ALL CAP IIMs

    Kushal Saha Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata: Elevate to Topper Status

    Kushal Saha

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, + ALL CAPs

    Kaushik Madogaria CAT Coaching Excellence: Kolkata's Finest Classes

    Kaushik Madogaria

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

    Anand Choudhury Leading the Way in MBA Preparation at Erudite CAT Coaching Classes

    Anand Choudhury

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

    Pratham Jalan from St. Xaviers College is a Topper at Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata

    Pratham Jalan

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

    Priya Ray from St. Xaviers College is a Topper in her CAT Preparation at Erudite

    Priya Ray

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, + ALL CAPs

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Success Captured in Photo Frame

    Paarth Aurora

    Calls : IIM A, C, L

    Online CAT Coaching Triumph: Erudite's Star Student Photo

    Komal Vasudeva

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L

    MBA Coaching Near Kolkata: Erudite's Success Moment

    Abhishek Nishania

    Calls : IIM A, B, I, K, CAP

    CAT Classes Excellence: Erudite's Star Performer

    Nitish Jain

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

    Best CAT Coaching: Erudite's Star Student Revealed

    Shubham Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, S

    MBA Coaching Kolkata: Erudite's Success Portrayed in Photo

    Abhinaba Pal

    Calls : IIM A, R, S, V

    Discover the Best CAT Coaching in Kolkata: Erudite's Legacy

    Ayush Sharma

    Calls : IIM B, C, I, K

    Samriddhi Nahata Erudite CAT Coaching Topper secures her place in IIM Lucknow

    Samriddhi Nahata

    Calls : IIM L, I, K

    CAT Kolkata: Where Aspirations Meet Success at Erudite

    Gaurav Goel

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K + ALL CAPs

    MBA Coaching in Kolkata: Erudite's Proven Track Record

    Bipradip Chatterjee

    Calls : IIM B, L, I, V, S, CAP

    Online CAT Coaching Reinvented: Join Erudite for Success

    Priti Samui

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

    Master CAT Syllabus with Erudite's Kolkata Coaching Classes

    Siddhant Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

    CAT Coaching Near Me: Erudite's Convenient Location in Kolkata

    Sayantani Haldar

    Calls : IIM C, L

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Shaping Careers in Kolkata

    Sarthak Harnathka

    Calls : IIM C, L, K, S

    Unparalleled CAT Classes: Join Erudite for a Bright Future

    Mostaque Ahmed

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

    CAT 2024 Coaching: Erudite Prepares You for the Future


    Calls : IIM K, S, CAP

    Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata: Your Path to MBA Success

    Abhishek Anshu Das

    Calls : L, S, CAP, SJMSOM, IIT Delhi

    Leading MBA Coaching Institute Near Kolkata: Choose Erudite

    Sandeep Kumar

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, K, S

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Snapshot of Success Celebration

    Pradyumna Chakraborty

    Calls : IIM R, FMS, IIT-KGP, Delhi, Madras

    Ayushi Khaitan

    Calls : IIM C, L, I, K

    Erudite's Success Story: CAT Topper from Kolkata

    Ankur Karonia

    Calls : IIM L, R, S, XLRI

    CAT Coaching Near Me: Erudite's Proud Achiever

    Mehul Agarwal

    Calls : IIM L, S

    Vishal Kedia Erudite CAT Classes Topper got 100 percentile

    Vishal Kedia

    Calls : IIM A, B, C,L, I, K, S, CAP

    Erudite CAT Classes is top ranked amongst CAT Aspirants

    Souvik Sen

    Calls : FMS, IIT-KGP, NMIMS

    Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata with maximum call getters

    Somil Rastogi

    Calls : IIM C, I, K

    Student centric MBA Coaching in Kolkata

    Kaustav Mitra

    Calls : IIM C, S

    MBA Coaching Near Kolkata

    Arkaprabha Sanyal

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, S

    Join Erudite Online CAT Coaching

    Supratik Banerjee

    Calls : IIM L, K

    Master CAT Syllabus with Erudite Kolkata

    Rajat Khetan

    Calls : IIM Shillong

    Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata is a result oriented CAT institute

    Lokesh Daga

    Calls : IIM C, I, Ro

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Trusted Choice

    Ameetosri Basu

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, K, S, I

    Hands down Erudite is the best CAT Coaching in Kolkata

    Arpan Kundu

    Calls : IIM S, K

    Secure your IIM Call with Erudite MBA Coaching

    Abhroneil Datta

    Calls : IIM A, I, S

    Get your dream b-school call with Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata

    Yash chowdhury

    Calls : ALL NEW IIMs

    Erudite is the highly recommend CAT Classes for success

    Mayank Pansari

    Calls : IIM K, Raipur, IMT, TAPMI

    Erudite Topper of Online CAT Classes

    Sombuddha Choudhury

    Calls : IIM Indore

    Erudite Topper of Online CAT Coaching

    Sherya Chamaria

    Calls : IIM Indore

    Erudite is the trusted CAT Coaching Classes in Kolkata

    Saptarishi Basak

    Calls : IIM C, L

    CAT Coaching Classes in Kolkata: Erudite's Commitment to Success

    Vatsal Doshi

    Calls : IIM Ranchi

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Kolkata's Premier Destination for MBA Prep

    Bidita Shenoy

    Calls : IIM Ro, NMIMS, FMS

    Leading MBA Coaching Institute Near Kolkata: Erudite's Excellence

    Alok Dutta

    Calls - IIM L, R, S

    CAT 2024 Coaching: Erudite's Unrivaled Expertise in Kolkata

    Akshay Pandey

    Calls : IIM Trichy, FMS

    GMAT Coaching Excellence: Erudite's Kolkata Center Sets the Standard

    Shivam Somani

    Calls : IIM I, K

    Online CAT Classes at Their Finest: Join Erudite Today

    Vishal Didwani

    Calls : IIM K

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Where Success Stories Begin in Kolkata

    Harshita Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, L, I, K

    CAT Classes Excellence: Erudite's Unmatched Coaching in Kolkata

    Aditya Biswas

    Calls : IIM K, IMT Ghazibad

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Nurturing Talent for a Bright Future

    Richie Agarwal

    Calls : IIM K, V

    Leading MBA Coaching Institute Near me: Erudite's Expertise

    Tamal Kanti Biswas

    Calls : IIM K

    CAT 2024 Aspirants, Look No Further: Choose Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata

    Aekansh Srivastava

    Calls : IIM K

    Erudite CAT Coaching Institute: Kolkata's Trusted Name in MBA Prep

    Sourav Kar

    Calls : IIM K, XLRI, IMT Ghaziabad

    CAT Coaching Classes Near Me: Discover Erudite's Proximity

    Anjali Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, C

    Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata: Your Bridge to MBA Excellence

    Sudarshan Mall

    Calls : IIM K, S

    GMAT Coaching for Aspiring Leaders: Choose Erudite in Kolkata

    Tuhin Roy

    Calls : IIM C, L, K

    Online CAT Coaching Excellence: Join Erudite for Top Results

    Sayan Samanta

    Calls : IIM Indore

    CAT 2024 Prep Simplified: Erudite's Kolkata Coaching Classes

    Aritro Roy

    Calls : IIM I, K

    Unlock Success with Erudite: Your Premier CAT Coaching in Kolkata

    Anirban Bhattacharya

    Calls : IIM K, XLRI, SPJAIN

    Erudite CAT Coaching: The Epitome of MBA Preparation in Kolkata

    Diptanil Sarkar

    Calls : IIM R, All New IIMs

    CAT Classes Reinvented: Experience Excellence with Erudite

    Ankit Kumar

    Calls : IIM K, IIFT

    Erudite CAT Coaching: Transforming Dreams into Realities

    Tanumoy Ghosh

    Calls : IIM K, I

    Leading MBA Coaching Institute Near Kolkata: Erudite's Legacy

    Prerna Soy

    Calls : IIM K, Ranchi, Raipur

    CAT 2024 Coaching at Its Best: Choose Erudite in Kolkata

    Amber Banerjee

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, K

    GMAT Mastery at Erudite: Leading Coaching Institute in Kolkata

    Muskaan Jain

    Calls : IIM K, S, IIT-KGP

    Online CAT Coaching Revolutionized: Join Erudite Today

    Senjuti Tapna

    Calls : All New IIMs

    Erudite: Where CAT Syllabus Mastery Begins in Kolkata

    Shubham Maheshwari

    Calls : IIM K, S

    CAT Coaching Excellence at Your Doorstep: Erudite Near Me

    Bhaswar Chowdhury

    Calls : IIM Shillong

    Erudite CAT Coaching in Kolkata: Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow

    Aritra Basu

    Calls - IIM A, C, IIT Madras

    GMAT Coaching Redefined: Join Erudite in Kolkata

    Akshat Vatsal

    Calls : IIM I, S, SP Jain, XLRI

    Online CAT Classes with Erudite: Your Gateway to Success

    Soumyabrata Choudhury

    Calls : IIM K

    Choose Erudite for Best Online CAT Coaching Experience

    Debanjan Bhakta

    Calls : IIM K, Ro, IIFT

    CAT 2024 Prep: Erudite's Top-notch Coaching in Kolkata

    Shilpi Mondal

    Calls : IIM L, K, R, V

    Still have any queries regarding Erudite CAT Preparation?


    Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our CAT coaching. These include the fees and time for CAT coaching, the syllabus of CAT and other small and big things regarding our CAT coaching programs.

    CAT Coaching in Kolkata refers to specialized classes designed to prepare students for the Common Admission Test (CAT), a crucial examination for admission to MBA programs. These classes provide comprehensive guidance, strategies, and practice to enhance performance.

    Enrolling in MBA coaching classes in Kolkata at Erudite ensures a robust grounding in the three sections of the CAT examination. Erudite stands as the top choice for CAT coaching in Kolkata, providing professional assistance, guaranteed at our institute. With access to high-quality practice materials for the CAT 2024 examination, you can approach the test with confidence. Additionally, receiving adequate guidance for Personal Interviews and Group Discussions, which follow the CAT 2024 examination, is crucial for your overall preparation.

    A result-focused CAT coaching in Kolkata is instrumental in shaping your readiness and achievements in various MBA entrance exams.

     The CAT Syllabus encompasses Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability (VA), and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR). CAT Coaching Classes in Kolkata, such as those at Erudite, systematically cover each section, providing in-depth knowledge and effective exam strategies.

    A CAT coaching class in India that focuses on achieving results can be pivotal in your CAT preparation and success in all MBA entrance exams.

    es, Erudite offers Online CAT Coaching and Classes, providing flexibility for students who prefer remote learning or have scheduling constraints. Our online programs ensure the same quality coaching and resources as our physical classes.

    Absolutely! Erudite specializes in CAT 2024 Coaching, offering a structured curriculum, expert guidance, and updated materials to ensure aspirants are well-prepared for the upcoming CAT examination.

    • Faculty expertise in CAT coaching

    • Attend a demo class for CAT/MBA

    • Background of founding team members

    • Feedback from past students on teaching methodologies

    If you're seeking further guidance on what to consider when choosing an MBA coaching institute in your vicinity, we recommend consulting with one of Erudite's counselors at our Camac Street center.

    If you are in search of a quality offline/classroom course at an MBA preparation institute in Kolkata, make sure to explore Erudite's MBA center. Discover details about the one-year program tailored to equip aspirants for CAT 2024 and other management entrance tests. Before enrollment, feel free to request attendance at a complimentary demo class featuring our top faculty for CAT Coaching in Kolkata. For more information, call +91 6292001011 or visit our website.

    Recognizing the challenge of selecting the best CAT coaching institute in Kolkata, we suggest considering the following factors before making a decision:

    1. Evaluate the experience of the faculty members dedicated to CAT coaching.
    2. Attend a demo class for CAT/MBA to gauge the teaching approach.
    3. Explore the background of the founding team members.
    4. Gather insights from previous students regarding the institute's MBA teaching methodologies.

    For further guidance on what to look for in MBA coaching institutes nearby, feel free to engage with Erudite's counselors at either the Camac Street or Salt Lake center.

    Erudite CAT Coaching has a strong track record of helping students excel in CAT, with many successfully securing admissions to top MBA colleges mainly BLACKI. Erudite has secured highest number of IIM Calls in Last 25+ years

    Erudite stands out as a leading CAT coaching institute in Kolkata, providing a combination of exceptional teaching by its experienced CAT Pro faculty and individualized support within its distinctive CAT program. Enrolling in the 1-year CAT coaching program grants you exclusive access to 21,505+ questions, 250+ sectional tests, and 20+ full-length mocks. The entire team at Erudite is dedicated to the success of aspirants, offering unwavering support and assistance at every step of their journey.

    Yes, Erudite is not limited to CAT coaching; we also provide GMAT Coaching, catering to a broader range of management entrance exams.

    The ideal time to start preparing for CAT is generally during your penultimate year of undergraduate studies or around 12-18 months before you plan to take the exam. This allows for a gradual and comprehensive preparation, covering all sections and topics without feeling rushed. However, the timing can vary based on individual preferences, familiarity with the exam content, and personal study pace. It's advisable to assess your strengths and weaknesses early on and plan your CAT preparation accordingly.

    1. Get to know the paper pattern, syllabus, and other details.
    2. Establish a strong foundation by mastering the basic concepts.
    3. From the start, take consistent online mock tests in the supervised format.
    4. Focus on any weak points by reviewing and practicing them.
    5. Maintain your dedication, self-assurance, and drive.

    The three primary sections of CAT coaching are Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), is comprehensively addressed in Erudite CAT coaching classes, ensuring a thorough understanding.

    Absolutely. At Erudite, our CAT coaching involves the meticulous development of targeted strategies for Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, as well as Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning. These strategies are meticulously designed to optimize performance in each section of the CAT exam.

    For detailed information about the CAT coaching in Kolkata fees at Erudite, including any available discounts or installment options, please contact our admissions team directly at +91 9007537856. They will provide you with comprehensive details tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

    wave-hand.png Get in touch

    Contact us for any queries regarding Erudite CAT Coaching in India

    Call us at

    090075 37856

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