The United States features one of the world’s most prestigious universities, with world-class programmes and research possibilities in practically every discipline. It has approximately 4000 colleges and institutions, each with large campuses, extensive and up-to-date labs, and expert faculty in their fields. A degree earned in the United States is highly valued across the world.

The United States is one of the most diversified countries on the planet, having a wide range of geographical areas. It is a centre for foreign students, adding to the country’s cultural richness.

What attracts you for USA

  •   The greatest number of universities are making it easier for PhD candidates to get financing.
  •   Degrees in a variety of subjects are recognized across the world.
  •   Excellent for doing research with prestigious faculties.
  •   Following the completion of a master’s degree, three years of post-study work is required.
  •   There is a lot of room for actual implementation and project expertise.
  •   Students can work part-time on campus for up to 20 hours per week.
  •   Increased odds of receiving a scholarship

Top 5 Industries

  •   Healthcare
  •   Technology
  •   Retail
  •   Non- durable manufacturing
  •   Finance and insurance

Types of University and Colleges :-

  •   Ivy League Universities
  •   Public Universities
  •   Private Universities
  •   State Universities ( all state universities are public but all public Universities are not state)
  •   Liberal Arts Colleges
  •   Community Colleges

Eligibility Criteria for Under Graduate :-

  •   Most universities have a SAT requirement
  •   SAT is must for IVY League and top universities
  •   More emphasis is given on section wise score than the overall SAT score
  •   Few among the top league universities have subject score requirements like MIT and Harvard.
  •   Extra Co-curricular activities are very critical for undergraduate applications.
  •   TOEFL or IELTS score is required as a language proficiency test.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters :-

  •   Students need 16 years of education for taking up a master program in the US. Some universities accept 15 years of education like New York University and Yale. In non-stem courses 15 years of education is accepted as well but needs networking with university.
  •   GRE for the master program and GMAT for MBA program are almost mandatory for all universities. A minimum of 315 and 650 is considered a good score respectively for GRE and GMAT.
  •   Students need to take up TOEFL or IELTS with 90 IBT minimum in TOEFL and 6.5 band minimum in IELTS. Test for proficiency in English Language is mandatory for the USA.
  •   Statement of Purpose, letter of recommendation, transcripts are required for admission
  •   Work Experience for MBA and special masters


Top colleges for Masters program in STEM courses :-

  •   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •   Stanford University
  •   Princeton University
  •   Georgia Institute of Technology
  •   Purdue University
  •   Carnegie Mellon University
  •   Penn State University
  •   Columbia University

TOP B-Schools:

  •   MIT Sloan School of Management
  •   Kellogg School of Management
  •   Harvard Business School
  •   Stanford Graduate School of Business
  •   Haas Business School
  •   Ross Business School
  •   Wharton Business School

Scholarship for Masters:

  •   Graduate Assistantship
  •   Teaching Assistantship
  •   Research Assistantship

Note: For Merit based scholarship, students need a very good academic profile as well as a good GRE score. There is No separate scholarship application for Merit based scholarship.

Intakes and Deadlines:

There are two intakes in USA

  •   Fall – August September
  •   Spring – January February

Exact timeline for the Whole Process:-

For Fall Intake

March – Aug Test Taking and tentative shortlisting for score reporting

Sept-Oct   –   Finalizing University

Oct-Dec    – Application submission

Dec-Feb    – Admit decisions

March-June  –  Visa application

June- August  –  Departure


Cost of Attendance

Accommodation largely depends on which part of the country a student is choosing to stay and the kind of accommodation. Tuition fee plus accommodation is 25-35 lakh per year for Public and State University for Masters and up to 40 Lakh for MBA.

Note – For Masters student has to show one year funding ( tuition Fee & Living cost) to receive the I20

Post Study Work Right:

Part Time: Students can work up to 20 years per week during the course. Students can take up full time work during public holidays.

Full Time: Students are entitled to 3 year post completion of undergraduate or master program under STEM courses.

1 year stay back for Management courses.


PHD in USA most of the time offers full fund for the duration of research work.Generally the duration is 5 years

Eligibility Criteria for PHD :-

  •   Student having a CGPA of 8 or more in graduate and masters is the ideal profile for a PHD.
  •   Showing research or high competency is extremely critical for PHD students.
  •   Student should ideally have one publication apart from dissertation
  •   Students should show work and research in the subject he/she is willing to pursue a PHD.
  •   If there is a gap year between Masters and taking up PHD, it should be justified with relevant research work.
  •   GRE is mandatory for most universities. A score of 315 and above is desirable.
  •   GRE subject test is required for subjects like pure science, physics, chemistry etc
  •   IELTS / TOEFL is mandatory for English proficiency

Steps for Fund Confirmation and Application :

  •   Networking with subject professors is the first and most important step for PHD aspirants
  •   Shortlisting of universities
  •   Test Scores GRE & TOEFL / IELTS sent to the university directly from the ETS.
  •   Editing of Statement of Purpose(SOP) and Personal Statement
  •   Discussion and format for Letter of Recommendation
  •   All educational and transcript documentation required for application
  •   Application to chosen Universities
  •   Preparation for personal interview with guide when required
  •   Visa documentation and VISA interview preparation
  •   Pre-Departure session

Students should ideally start the process 10 to 12 months before the session.

Major intake in Fall – August \ September:

For PHD, Students have to submit applications by priority deadline in order to receive funding. Priority Deadlines vary from University to University , but almost all universities deadlines are over by 15th January.




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