Importance of CAT DI sets in your CAT journey

Explore the significance of CAT DI sets in your CAT journey

Importance of Data Interpretation in Your CAT Journey

In this blog, we'll explore the importance of CAT DI sets, particularly focusing on the 2022 exam. You'll get the significance of DI in CAT, the dynamics of graph-based DI, and how comprehensive preparation, like Erudite's CAT training program, can give you an edge.

Unveiling the Significance of Graph-Based Data Interpretation (DI) in CAT

The CAT (Common Admission Test) is an annual rite of passage for MBA aspirants in India. As the gateway to prestigious business schools, it's an exam that demands the utmost preparation and skill. Among the various sections that make up CAT, Data Interpretation (DI) often takes a back seat in discussions. However, the 2022 CAT exam shed light on the importance of DI for CAT exam, particularly in the context of graph-based DI sets for CAT.

A Glimpse into CAT 2022: Graph-Based DI Sets for CAT

In the 2022 CAT exam, the inclusion of graph-based Data Interpretation (DI) sets for CAT was notably limited. Specifically, only one graph-based CAT DI set was featured  out of a total of 12 LRDI sets across the three slots. This implies that the graph-based DI sets for CAT accounted for a mere 8.34% of the entire LRDI section in CAT exam 2022.

Importance of Graph-Based DI set preparation

Adaptability to Changing Patterns:

CAT is known for its unpredictable nature. The inclusion or exclusion of question types can vary from year to year. The pattern employed by CAT question setters may change, potentially leading to an increase in the number of graph-based questions. Being well-prepared for graph-based sets is essential to adapt to potential changes effectively.

 Uncertainty in Slot Allocation:

If the pattern remains consistent, predicting which specific exam slot will include such sets is uncertain. Being prepared to tackle at least one graph-based set could offer a valuable relief from the logical reasoning segment.


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Prominent DI Set Types in CAT

In the CAT exam, DI sets revolving around tables are more prominently featured. These sets may provide a given table or require students to construct one based on the provided data. Additionally, there are caselets, which involve puzzles related to specific scenarios or situations. These topics share common elements with the logical reasoning (LR) area. Notably, students enrolled in Erudite's CAT training program have a distinct advantage in this regard. The pertinent topics are covered twice within Erudite's curriculum – once in the context of DI and once again in LR.

  • Emphasis on table-based DI scenarios.
  • Sets include given tables or require table construction from data.
  • Caselets feature puzzles based on specific situations.

In Conclusion

While the 2022 CAT exam showcased a limited presence of graph-based DI sets, their importance should not be underestimated. Students are advised not to overlook this aspect due to potential pattern alterations and the strategic benefit of tackling diverse question types. Prominently, table-based DI sets and caselets hold significant weight in the CAT. To excel in CAT, consider a comprehensive training program that equips you to tackle a wide range of challenges effectively. Remember, CAT isn't just about acing one type of question; it's about being ready for anything the exam throws your way.

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