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With 25 years of legacy, we're a top CAT prep leader, known for effective online training. Our faculty, with IIM and XLRI alumni, offers unparalleled expertise. We're proud of our award-winning mentorship program, recognized for its impactful results.

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1 out of 4 CAT Toppers trusts only Erudite.

Aryaman Bhaiya


IIM Calls : A, B, C, L, K, S, CAP

Adrito Bhattacharjee


IIM Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, CAP

Kishan Agarwal


IIM Calls: A, C, L, I, K, R

Mangalam Sharma


IIM Calls : K, S, Ro, CAP

Kushal Saha, IIM Ahmedabad Converted, Trained by Erudite Online Coaching for CAT

Kushal Saha


IIM Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, S, CAP

Pratham Jalan, Topper from St. Xavier's College, Excels at Erudite Online CAT Coaching.

Pratham Jalan


IIM Calls : A, C, L, I, K, CAP

Kaushik Madogaria, CAT Prep Student of Erudite Online Coaching for CAT

Kaushik Madogaria


IIM Calls: A, B, C, L, K

Somraj Kar


IIM Calls : B, L, I, K, S, Ro, Ranchi

Namit Garg


IIM Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, S, CAP

Amber Banerjee


IIM Calls : A, B,L, I, V, K, CAP

Krishna Agarwal


IIM Calls: A, B, C, L, I, K, S, CAP

Vani Duggar


IIM Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, S, Ro, CAP

Gaurav Goel


IIM Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, CAP

Siddhant Agarwal


IIM Calls: A, B,L, I, V, K, CAP

Ayudh Datta


IIM Calls: A, B, C, L

Naitik Jain


IIM Calls; A, B, C, L, I, K,

Numbers Says It All !!

0 + Questions

Largest CAT Exam Question Bank

0 + hours

Highest Video session library

0 +

Concept Videos


Detailed video solutions

0 + IIM Calls

In CAT 2023

0 + XLRI Calls

In CAT 2024

+ NMIMS Calls

In NMAT 2023

Comprehensive Program

200+ Live Classes with IIM & XLRI Mentors

Bi-Monthly Live Mentorship Sessions

IIM & XLRI Alumni As Faculty - Mentors

Live Weekly Doubt clearing Sessions

Foundations Forge Classes For Basic Building

1792+ hours of Video Class content

1,034+ Concept Videos for Revision

100+ E-books

21,505+ Question Bank for practice

29+ Actual CAT Paper (With Video Solutions)

Detailed Video Solutions of about 20,414+ Questions

247+ Topic Based Tests (With Video Solutions)

320+ Sectional Tests & Advance Sectional Test

41 OMET Mocks

108+ OMET Section Test

Valid till 31st January 2025

Self-Paced Program

1,792+ hours of Video Class content

1,034+ Concept Videos for Revision

E -Material with E-Class Assignments

21,505+ Question Bank for practice

20 Actual CAT Paper (With Video Solutions)

45 Proctored Mock Tests with Video Solutions

Detailed Video Solutions of about 20,414 Questions

247+ Topic Based Tests (With Video Solutions)

140+ Concept Consolidated Tests (With Video Solutions)

Sectional Tests covering Basic to Advance Level

38 OMET Mocks

Valid till 31st January 2025

Mock Tests

Mock Tests – 20 Proctored

24 x 7 support on online analysis

All SIM-CATs with Video Recorded Solutions

20 Actual CAT Papers with Video Solutions

185 Topic Based Tests with Video Solutions

3,000 Topic based Questions with Video Solutions

140+ Concept Consolidated Tests with Video Solutions

3,000 140+ Concept Consolidated Questions with Video Solutions

45 Sectional Tests from Basic to Advanced Level with Video Solutions

24 OMETs with Video Solutions

18 Actual OMET Papers with Video Solutions

30 OMET Sectional Tests with Video Solutions

Valid till 31st January 2025

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What Makes Erudite Different?

Best Online Coaching For CAT

Find out what makes us the Best Online Coaching For CAT different from others!

Classroom Like Experience

•1,000+ hours of live & recorded video Class content

•Live Interactive Classes

•Guided Approach to Shortcuts

•Exclusive Advance techniques.

Test Yourself

• 674 Tests for Practice from Basic to Advance level

•Entire CAT syllabus covered

•Rated Closest by the Students to the Actual CAT Test

•Detailed Analysis of Exams.

IIMs & XLRIs Alumni as Mentors

•Faculty members who appear for CAT every year

•IIM & XLRI Alumni as Faculties

•Each faculty with over 15+ yrs of experience

•Special methods to expedite self paced learning

Online Learning Support

21,505 questions databank with 24×7 support

•1,034+ concept videos

•Detailed analysis of topic and subtopics

•20,414+ Detailed Solution Videos

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What does Erudite Online CAT Coaching in India Offers?

Live & Interactive Classes

Get mentored by our expert MBA faculty in every step of your online CAT preparation journey for CAT.

Time saver

Stop wasting your time in travelling. Avoid the traffic and heat by studying at home by Online CAT Coaching.

Peer learning

Clear any doubts from your teachers and fellow aspirants anytime with access to a dedicated CAT portal.

Streamlined curriculum

With 2-3 classes a week, get ample time to absorb the learning, practice its applications, and revise it before the next class.

Unparralled Results

Last 4 CAT years has proven to be a very successful as we have secured 9000+ Calls.

Suitable timings

Balance the demands of your job/ college and Online CAT preparation by choosing your convenient batch timing.

21,505 Question Bank

Excel Your CAT 2022 Exam With largest CAT question bank in India.

1792+ hours Lessons

Highest recorded video lessons in India

5,27,657 Students

Erudite has successfully trained lakhs of students with most result oriented approach.

1034+ Concept Videos

Build strong base with our Concept videos

Mentors from the IIIMs & XLRI

Get trained by the best to be the best.

Oldest CAT Institute

Erudite is the first CAT exam test prep institute in Eastern India.

Have Queries? Speak To IIM & XLRI Alumni!

Why Choose Erudite for

CAT Online Classes in India

Our Online CAT Coaching classes in India is designed to help students in online CAT preparation through Concept Videos, Practice Questions and their Solution Videos. It offers the highest number of Learning contact hours and has No reduction of Face to Face Classroom Sessions & Interactions of Mentors.

In the last 24+ years, Erudite has built a brand dedicated to providing quality CAT-MBA test prep training to the students. Erudite has been known for providing the most comprehensive online CAT coaching to the CAT aspirants to help them crack MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT etc and to gain admissions into the IIMs and the Top MBA Institutes

Not Sure About The Content?

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Worried About the Fees?

No need to stress about the fees. Erudite offers easy emi on Online CAT Coaching.




  • Live Classes with Live Weekly doubt clearing Sessions.
  • Strategy Classes & Personalized Guidance
  • 247+ Topic Based Tests
  • 1000 + Hrs of Video Class content
  • 31 Simulated Tests with Video Solutions
  • 20 Actual CAT Paper (With Video Solutions)
  • 20414+ questions with Detailed Video Solutions
  • 140 Speed Builder Tests
  • Sectional Tests covering Basic to Advance Level
  • 21505 + Question Data Bank for practice


QUANT e-book

SIMCAT Resources

Quant 2022 Paper: SLOT 1

Quant 2022 Paper: SLOT 2

Quant 2022 Paper: SLOT 3

VARC 2022 Paper: SLOT 1

VARC 2022 Paper: SLOT 2

VARC 2022 Paper: SLOT 3

LRDI 2022 Paper: SLOT 1

LRDI 2022 Paper: SLOT 2

LRDI 2022 Paper: SLOT 3

Comprehensive Curriculum and Expert Faculty for Top-Notch Online Coaching CAT

Looking for the best Online Coaching CAT to ace your Common Admission Test? Look no further! Our online CAT classes is designed to provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and practice you need to excel in your CAT exam.

With our expert faculty and comprehensive curriculum, we offer top-notch online CAT classes that cover all sections of the exam – Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. Our classes are delivered through live interactive sessions, recorded lectures, and online study materials, ensuring a dynamic learning experience.

Personalized Approach: Individual Attention, Guidance, and Progress Tracking for Online CAT Preparation

What sets us apart is our personalized approach to Online CAT Preparation. We understand that every student has unique strengths and areas for improvement, so our experienced faculty members provide individual attention and guidance. They will identify your weak points and help you develop effective strategies to overcome them. You’ll also receive regular feedback and progress assessments to track your growth.

Master Test-Taking Skills and Time Management Strategies During CAT Exam Prep

Our online CAT coaching program goes beyond just teaching the core concepts. We focus on developing your test-taking skills and time management strategies. Our faculty will guide you on effective approaches to tackle different question types, helping you maximize your score within the given time frame.

Collaborative Learning Environment: Engage, Discuss, and Clarify Doubts with CAT Online Classes

To facilitate a collaborative learning environment, we offer discussion forums and interactive doubt-solving sessions in our CAT Online Classes. Engage with fellow aspirants, exchange ideas, and clarify doubts with the guidance of our expert faculty members. This peer-to-peer interaction enhances your understanding and boosts your confidence.

Simulate the CAT Exam: Regular Assessments, Mock Tests, and Performance Analysis During CAT Online Prep

As you progress through the CAT Online Prep, we provide regular assessments and mock tests that simulate the actual CAT exam. These practice tests not only evaluate your knowledge but also familiarize you with the exam pattern, build your stamina, and improve your speed and accuracy. Detailed performance analysis and feedback are provided to help you identify areas that require further attention.

Holistic Development: Personality, Communication, and Critical Thinking Skills Training in CAT Online Classes

Our online CAT coaching is not just about preparing you for the exam; it aims to groom you holistically. We focus on developing your overall personality, communication skills, and critical thinking abilities – qualities that are highly valued by top B-schools. These additional skills will give you a competitive edge during interviews and group discussions.

Dedicated Support Team: Addressing Queries and Ensuring Motivation During A Our Online CAT Coaching Institute

At our online CAT coaching institute, we are committed to your success. Our dedicated support team is available to address any queries or concerns you may have throughout your preparation journey. We strive to create a supportive and motivating learning environment that inspires you to give your best.

Partner in Your CAT Journey: Achieve Your Dreams of Top B-School Admission

Don’t let distance or time constraints hinder your CAT preparation. Join our best online CAT course and experience the benefits of expert guidance, comprehensive study materials, and personalized attention, all from the comfort of your home. Let us be your partner in achieving your dreams of getting into the top management institutes. Enroll now.

Feedback from CAT Online Classes 2023/24 in India

Namit Garg 100%iler Calls : A, B, C, L, I, K, S, CAP

Erudite is one of the best CAT coaching center near me. They provide an Unmatched Mentorship, Systematic approach towards Training along with the Video Recorded Solutions for each and every questions which helped me build my confidence immensely. Their live classes are way too informative and they provide with the best E-materials. ERUDITE has a perfect combination of faculty and result oriented curriculum. I could not have made a better decision to take training from ERUDITE. It's simple, You Need The Best To Get The Best.

Krishna agrawal took training for GD PI from Erudite in Kolkata
Krishna Agarwal 99.91%ile Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, S + CAP

Excellent CAT Online program at ERUDITE has transformed me from Better to Best. They provide with one of the best CAT live online classes near me. The Exhaustive & Result Oriented Sessions are really helpful and they commensurate with the CAT standard. ERUDITE's most advantageous part is their 1034+ concept videos + Faculty Members, they are the Best and always accessible.

Tuhin Roy 98.48%ile Calls: A, B, L, K

ERUDITE helped me boost my self confidence through their Exclusive CAT Online Classes. The elaborated video class content and the Mocks from the portal has helped me to identify my areas of improvement and have paved my way towards success. Added to these, their Speed Builder Tests and Topic Based Tests encouraged me in every step to move ahead and not to succumb under stress. Erudite has proved to be one of the best MBA classes near me.

Vani Duggar 99.32%ile Calls: A, B, C, L, I, K, S, R, CAP

Excellent Online CAT program at ERUDITE has helped me transformed to Best in the shortest amount of time. Erudite is one of the best MBA classes near me. The Exhaustive E- material with E- Class Assignments are really helpful and they commensurate with the CAT standard. ERUDITE's most advantageous part is their Faculty Members from IIM & XLRI and are always accessible.

Vishal kedia 100%ile

ERUDITE is the best MBA coaching Institute in India that I have come across, who conducts Online CAT Program along which is similar to classroom like training. After a demoralizing experience at another institute, Erudite breathed new life into my CAT preparation & are undoubtedly the reason for my success. A must for any student aiming to do well in cat & enjoy a learning experience while doing so.

Bidita Shenoy 99.3%ile Calls: L, K, I, XLRI

I had the best online CAT preparation experience with Erudite. This has helped me to groom my personality and strengthen my self confidence through their live classes and video recorded solutions. Their Live Classes & Mocks are the best way to prepare for CAT exam. Erudite's unique teaching methodologies & shortcut techniques instilled confidence in me which helped me ace my CAT preparation.

Akshat Vatsal 98.93 %ile Calls: XLRI & SP Jain

I started my CAT journey by enrolling myself in Erudite's CAT Online Program. They helped me in clearing my basics and taught me tips and tricks on how to attempt the paper. The mock tests were extremely helpful in my preparation. They were in the exact same format as the original CAT paper.

    Highest Rated CAT Institute


    Quality of the session


    Quality of the Explanation


    Ease of access to classes


    User Friendly Platform



    Student Engagement


    Motivation Provided


    Quality of Content


    Subject Expertise


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All CAT Online Classes Programs will have live, online, interactive classes for CAT and other MBA entrance exam preparation. The online CAT classes can be attended live by the student from the comfort of his/her home or any convenient place.

    If a student misses our CAT online class live session, the same can be accessed in the recorded format in the app and can be viewed whenever and however many times a student requires.


    The concept of MBA Online Classes and CAT Online Classes is to provide a real classroom experience to the students, thus the platform used for online programs allow the students to raise their doubts/ queries and have them answered instantaneously by the faculty.

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    Erudite Call Getters for Online Coaching for CAT

    Erudite’s Online Coaching For CAT: Nurturing Success through Expert Guidance and Personalized Excellence.

    Kushal Saha, IIM Ahmedabad Converted, Trained by Erudite Online Coaching for CAT

    Kushal Saha

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, + ALL CAPs

    Kaushik Madogaria, CAT Prep Student of Erudite Online Coaching for CAT

    Kaushik Madogaria

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

    Anand Choudhury, Shaping Success in MBA Prep at Erudite Online Coaching for CAT.

    Anand Choudhury

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

    Pratham Jalan, Topper from St. Xavier's College, Excels at Erudite Online CAT Coaching.

    Pratham Jalan

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

    Priya Ray

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, + ALL CAPs

    Paarth Aurora

    Calls : IIM A, C, L

    Komal Vasudeva

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L

    Abhishek Nishania

    Calls : IIM A, B, I, K, CAP

    Nitish Jain

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

    Shubham Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, S

    Abhinaba Pal

    Calls : IIM A, R, S, V

    Ayush Sharma

    Calls : IIM B, C, I, K

    Samriddhi Nahata

    Calls : IIM L, I, K

    Gaurav Goel

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K + ALL CAPs

    Bipradip Chatterjee

    Calls : IIM B, L, I, V, S, CAP

    Priti Samui

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K

    Siddhant Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, I, K

    Sayantani Haldar

    Calls : IIM C, L

    Sarthak Harnathka

    Calls : IIM C, L, K, S

    Mostaque Ahmed

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K


    Calls : IIM K, S, CAP

    Abhishek Anshu Das

    Calls : L, S, CAP, SJMSOM, IIT Delhi

    Sandeep Kumar

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, K, S

    Pradyumna Chakraborty

    Calls : IIM R, FMS, IIT-KGP, Delhi, Madras

    Ayushi Khaitan

    Calls : IIM C, L, I, K

    Ankur Karonia

    Calls : IIM L, R, S, XLRI

    Mehul Agarwal

    Calls : IIM L, S

    Vishal Kedia

    Calls : IIM A, B, C,L, I, K, S, CAP

    Souvik Sen

    Calls : FMS, IIT-KGP, NMIMS

    Somil Rastogi

    Calls : IIM C, I, K

    Kaustav Mitra

    Calls : IIM C, S

    Arkaprabha Sanyal

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, S

    Supratik Banerjee

    Calls : IIM L, K

    Rajat Khetan

    Calls : IIM Shillong

    Lokesh Daga

    Calls : IIM C, I, Ro

    Ameetosri Basu

    Calls : IIM A, B, C, K, S, I

    Arpan Kundu

    Calls : IIM S, K

    Abhroneil Datta

    Calls : IIM A, I, S

    Yash chowdhury

    Calls : ALL NEW IIMs

    Mayank Pansari

    Calls : IIM K, Raipur, IMT, TAPMI

    Sombuddha Choudhury

    Calls : IIM Indore

    Sherya Chamaria

    Calls : IIM Indore

    Saptarishi Basak

    Calls : IIM C, L

    Vatsal Doshi

    Calls : IIM Ranchi

    Bidita Shenoy

    Calls : IIM Ro, NMIMS, FMS

    Alok Dutta

    Calls - IIM L, R, S

    Akshay Pandey

    Calls : IIM Trichy, FMS

    Shivam Somani

    Calls : IIM I, K

    Vishal Didwani

    Calls : IIM K

    Harshita Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, L, I, K

    Aditya Biswas

    Calls : IIM K, IMT Ghazibad

    Richie Agarwal

    Calls : IIM K, V

    Tamal Kanti Biswas

    Calls : IIM K

    Aekansh Srivastava

    Calls : IIM K

    Sourav Kar

    Calls : IIM K, XLRI, IMT Ghaziabad

    Anjali Agarwal

    Calls : IIM A, C

    Sudarshan Mall

    Calls : IIM K, S

    Tuhin Roy

    Calls : IIM C, L, K

    Sayan Samanta

    Calls : IIM Indore

    Aritro Roy

    Calls : IIM I, K

    Anirban Bhattacharya

    Calls : IIM K, XLRI, SPJAIN

    Diptanil Sarkar

    Calls : IIM R, All New IIMs

    Ankit Kumar

    Calls : IIM K, IIFT

    Tanumoy Ghosh

    Calls : IIM K, I

    Prerna Soy

    Calls : IIM K, Ranchi, Raipur

    Amber Banerjee

    Calls : IIM A, C, L, K

    Muskaan Jain

    Calls : IIM K, S, IIT-KGP

    Senjuti Tapna

    Calls : All New IIMs

    Shubham Maheshwari

    Calls : IIM K, S

    Bhaswar Chowdhury

    Calls : IIM Shillong

    Aritra Basu

    Calls - IIM A, C, IIT Madras

    Akshat Vatsal

    Calls : IIM I, S, SP Jain, XLRI

    Soumyabrata Choudhury

    Calls : IIM K

    Debanjan Bhakta

    Calls : IIM K, Ro, IIFT

    Shilpi Mondal

    Calls : IIM L, K, R, V

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