Written Testimonial

Anand Chowdhury

“I joined Erudite primarily because of the goodwill it has among countless students and believe me it has been one of the better decisions of my life. Erudite, I would say is a haven for learning for MBA aspirants primarily because of the individual time and attention that they are willing to invest on each student. For me, this aspect of treating each aspirant as an individual first and then as a student of a batch and not vice-versa is the reason Erudite is ahead of others”

Paranjay Mundra
IIM, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Rohtak

“The best aspects about Erudite are their personalized mentorship and their individualized doubt clearing sessions. We at Erudite could augment the scheduled doubt clearing sessions with extra doubt clearing sessions. This truly helped us in clarifying all our doubts and in cementing all the concepts. The benefit of this in acing the CAT simply cannot be ignore”

Somraj Kar
IIM, Lucknow

“The best thing about Erudite is their faculty. The faculty members at Erudite are nothing short of maestros in their respective fields. Most of them are alumni of IIMs and other prestigious B-schools and universities. The help that the faculty members provide to the aspirant is incomparable. The fact that they are approachable even after class hours adds an extra layer of advantage.”

Rahul Samanta

“Erudite Kolkata is one of the best places to prepare for the CAT. They practically provide everything that an CAT/MBA aspirant would need to ace the CAT. Personalized mentorship, highly qualified faculty members, an exhaustive e-study material, doubt clearing classes, high-quality test series etc. I am truly lucky to have selected Erudite as my mentor to prepare for the CAT.”

Sayak Maity
IIM, Kozhikode

“Erudite is one of the best CAT coaching institutes out there. It has a legacy of 20+ years in helping students achieve their dreams. The best thing about Erudite is its individual attention and personalized mentorship. I think this is something in which Erudite scores over other CAT coaching institutes.”

Aatish Prasad
IIM Kozhikode

“Although I could talk about a lot of aspects of Erudite which helped me in cracking the CAT, the most important aspect according to me was their personal monitoring program, whereby I was assigned to a specific mentor who would guide me throughout my CAT preparation. This helped me immensely.”

Shrinwanti Ray
IIM, Kozhikode

“The study material and the excellent guidance and mentorship provided by Erudite helped me a lot in my preparation for the CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. Also, the mock tests which I can vouch as being the closest to the actual CAT along with the detailed analysis were something of a boon to me. I cannot thank Erudite enough for all that it provided me.”

Raghav Kotriwal

“All the teachers and faculty members were extremely professional in their teaching and yet were extremely approachable. This enabled me to get my doubts cleared when necessary. In addition to the faculty members, the online student portal which contains more than 12,000 doubt clearing video sessions also helped in getting my doubts cleared.”

Atanu Giri

“The comprehensive study material, lucid way of teaching, out-of-the box shortcuts, high quality mocks and the personalized attention that I received at Erudite were the main reasons why I could ace the CAT. In retrospect I can say that selecting Erudite for my CAT preparation was a great decision”

Abhishek Nishania
IIM Rohtak

“I would like to thank the entire team of Erudite, Kolkata for helping me and guiding me throughout my CAT journey. Moreover, I would also say that the mock tests prepared by Erudite are the closest to the actual CAT. It is because of their help and guidance and the mocks that I was able to ace the CAT. “

Barnika Bhandari

“Erudite turned out to be the missing link in the journey to my dream B-school. The constant support that I received from the mentors at Erudite along with their compendious study material, mock series and GD/PI preparation enabled me to achieve my dreams. Kudos to Erudite”

Pratyay Bhattacharya
IIM Rohtak

“I would like to thank the educators at Erudite who because of their years and years of experience never made us feel that we were studying on the online platform. The way they were able to create the aura of the in-person classroom on the online mode is simply commendable. In addition to this, the mock tests which are by far the closest to the actual CAT went a long way in helping me in my preparation.”

Sourav Agarwal
IIM- Kozhikode

“I believe that Erudite is a pre-requisite in acing the CAT or any other management entrance examination. They helped me in not only finding my weak areas but also in improving them substantially. In addition to their mentoring, the study material which they provide is exhaustive yet precise. I couldn’t thank Erudite enough in helping me ace the CAT.”

Priti Samui
IIM Rohtak

“Erudite has played a leading role in my CAT success. The proper and dedicated guidance provided by the mentors at Erudite helped me in formulating a proper strategy to ace the CAT.”

Avik Sarkar
IIM, Kozhikode, Rohtak

“I am extremely grateful to the mentors at Erudite for keeping me and aspirants similar to me calm and helping us focus on our studies during the tumultuous times we faced last year. I would definitely suggest Erudite to anyone who is serious about the CAT or any other management entrance examination.”

IIM Rohtak

“If I have to describe my experience with Erudite in one word, it will be “Amazing”. From their teaching methodology to their study material everything is tailored with precision to help students crack the CAT. A big thumbs-up to Erudite.”

Karanjeet Singh Bagga
IIM, Kozhikode, Rohtak

“If you are looking for a place where you will be provided personalized attention and time, where teachers will help you throughout your journey to get into a B-school, then Erudite is the perfect institute to join.”

Harsh Vardhan Kyal
IIM Rohtak

“What I appreciate the most about Erudite is the individual time and attention that they provide to each student. Another aspect which I appreciate about Erudite is their extremely structured study material which is condensed but still covers all the important topics. “

Shubham Rawat
IIM, Kozhikode, Rohtak

“I don’t know whether I would have been able to ace the CAT if it hadn’t been for the extremely qualified mentors at Erudite. I would say that the mentors at Erudite are probably the best mentors that one could expect to have in their CAT journey. From teaching fundamentals to short cuts, they know it all and they know how to teach it all. A big thanks to Erudite and its mentors.”

Asim Arman Barla
IIM Lucknow

“I feel Erudite provides a lot more to its students than the other providers. Be it their personalized mentorship or their study material or their mock tests, the quality and quantity provided by Erudite is simply incomparable. “

Mostaque ahmed
IIM, Kozhikode, Lucknow

“Erudite is not just a coaching centre but a mentor to me and countless others like me. From day 1 Erudite made me feel that an average student like me too can clear a competitive examination like the CAT. From personalized mentorship to individual doubt clearing sessions, they provided every help that an aspirant would need to ace this exam. I owe a debt of thanks to Erudite.”

Muskan kumari
IIM Rohtak

“My journey at Erudite was full of learning. The extensive interaction with the teachers, the compendious study material, the high quality mocks helped in a lot in my CAT preparation. In addition to this, I would also say that the GD/PI preparation provided by Erudite covered all the important aspects that an aspirant needs to cover.”

Atharv Anand
IIM, Kozhikode, Lucknow

“Erudite is a great place to learn everything and anything about the CAT. The faculty members here are very supportive and the individualized form of teaching which they provide is very helpful. Another aspect about Erudite is their study material which is structured, precise and yet covers everything which is necessary for the CAT.”

Abhirup Naskari
IIM Visakhapatnam, IIM kozhikode

“The most important thing that one needs in one’s CAT preparation is a mentor who will guide him or her properly. Erudite turned out to be that mentor who guided me properly by being there whenever I needed them. Doubt clearing sessions, individual mentoring sessions, personal monitoring program, they provided me immense help. Thank You Erudite.”

Sandipan Ghoshal
IIM kozhikode

“I would like to express my gratitude to the mentors at Erudite for their support and time. The mentors and faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. Plus they are approachable even after class hours to help the students. If someone is reading this and is planning to join an institute, join Erudite, believe me it will be a great decision.”

Yogesh Kumar Dhawan

“Erudite is an excellent place to prepare for the CAT and other management entrance examinations. The individual attention which I got from the mentors went a long way in helping me overcome my fear of math. I would definitely suggest Erudite to anyone who is serious about acing the CAT.”

Aditya Jaiswal
IIM kozhikode

“My experience with Erudite has been amazing. They provided everything that an aspirant needs to ace an examination like the CAT. If I had to, I would definitely suggest Erudite in a heartbeat to any MBA aspirant.”

Yash chowdhury

“The way the faculty members at Erudite elucidate the concepts, explain the basics and teach shortcuts, is simply amazing. Each topic from simple arithmetic to complex number system was explained in an in-depth manner leaving no lose ends. I could say that I consider myself lucky to have taken classes from Erudite. Erudite helped me not only in my CAT journey, but also allayed my fear of math. KUDOS to Erudite.”

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