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Careers In Banking

Career as a Probationary Officer

After clearing Probationary Officer exam a candidate joins as a trainee officer in the Junior Management Grade Service (JMGS). These officers work as probationers for the first two years and gain experience in various departments of bank e.g. loans, savings and current accounts, forex etc.

Most of these officers reach senior positions such as Deputy Manager, General Managers even as chairman of the Bank. A PO can achieve following growth path

SBI PO > Confirmation > Assistant Manager > MM2 > MM3 > SM4 > AGM > DGM > GM > CGM > JMD > MD >Chairman

Others banks are also having almost similar kind of growth path.

Probationary officers are involved in various banking operations investments, loans, mortgages, payrolls and inventory accounting to the customers. Probationary Officers need to have knowledge in the area of global money markets and financial tools such as deposit certificates, treasury bills, forecasting, source evaluation and cost of domestic and foreign currency funds.

Probationary Officers also need to assess various markets on the behalf of the bank to advice corporate clients or other banks that need foreign currency.
Probationary Officer Job requires constantly updated about the policies of the regulatory bodies, monitoring the current prices, making predictions based on analysis of trends etc so that they can manage the banking operations smoothly and can share the information with the other staffs.

Career as a Bank Clerk

Bank clerk job is full of responsibility and they are directly deal with the customers. They are the front face of Bank. Bank clerk need to work as a single window operator as a Teller on receipt or payment counters or on the counters where payment of cheque, draft, FDR issue happens.

Now-a-days most of the banks provide opportunity to achieve promotion into officer cadre via screening just after 3 years of their joining.

Career as a Bank Specialist Officer :

Time to time Banks recruits Specialist Officers for various departments i.e. marketing, systems, legal, human resources etc..For these positions candidates are required to have a professional degree i.e. MBA, MCA, Law etc. Banks recruits and allocates Specialist Officers in a particular department and for specific or specialized work.


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